Do i have any
special skills?

Im Your Digital Designer. My superpower is my exceptional ability to transform creative visions into innovative and user-centered design solutions that enrich people’s lives.

Information Architecture & Fashion Science

Im your Digital Designer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Architecture and Fashion Science, which has provided me with a unique understanding of both digital and aesthetic aspects. My education has also equipped me with a strong foundation in user-centered design and analytical thinking, which I enthusiastically apply to create meaningful and stylish user experiences.

Previous Courses

I have an unrelenting drive to continuously develop my skills through independent courses. So far, I have successfully completed courses such as Fashion Illustration for Design, Textile Innovation, Circular Textiles, Plastics and the Environment, and Color Theory. These courses have enriched my work as a UX & Graphic Designer by providing me with insights into the fashion industry and sustainability.
I also completed courses such as Fashion Illustration 2, Fashion and Sustainability, and AI and Design – Concepts and Methods. I was determined to embrace new knowledge to continually enhance my ability to deliver innovative and environmentally conscious design solutions.

Drive & Vision

My drive as a UX, UI, and Graphic Designer, as well as a Fashion Designer, is to create meaningful and inspiring user experiences. By combining my skills in information architecture and design with insights from the fashion industry, I also strive to unite function and aesthetics.

My Contribution

My contribution lies in developing user-centered solutions that both engage and exceed expectations, while actively promoting sustainability and environmental awareness in the design process. I always design with a human-centered approach, ensuring that your platform is current and user-friendly.

Vision for the Future

My vision is to create successful and innovative websites that enhance the user experience. By continuously learning new techniques and tools, I can further develop my skills in web development and deliver high-quality results to my clients. I am also driven by a desire to stay updated with the latest market trends, allowing me to stay ahead of the curve and make your website exceptionally competitive.

Nine years of experience in the Industry​

I have over nine years of solid experience in the industry of UX, UI, and graphic design, as well as fashion design. After successfully running my own e-commerce business from 2016 to 2022, I have continued to offer my expertise as a consultant to other companies since 2020. During these years, I have developed extensive and versatile skills in design and contributed to creating innovative and user-centered solutions.

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